Official e-Visa to Kuwait

Official Kuwait e-Visa by Ministry of Foreign Affairs - State of Kuwait requests visa to Kuwait. Apply now for Kuwait e-Visa

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Valid for 10 Days

Tourist Visa

Single Entry

Government Fee



Aid-Air does not charge a fee before checking all of your documents. Checking the documents and your eligibility for a visa is free.

Required Documents To Apply

  • Passport Personal Details Scan
  • Last Page of Passport (if applicable)

Important Instructions

  • The Kuwait online visa is a single-entry visa, allowing travelers to enter Kuwait for a maximum stay of 90 days in Total.
  • The purpose must solely by tourism.
  • Visitors cannot use the visa to enter Kuwait more than once.
  • Travelers should at all times carry their valid e-Visa on a personal electronic device (phone/tablet/computer) or a printed copy of their e-Visa.
  • Travelers who want to visit Kuwait must have a passport valid for at least six months from the planned date of entry.
  • In addition to the online fee for the e-Visa, you may be required, based on your nationality, to pay a fee of approx. 10 USD / 3 KD upon arrival to Kuwait.
Applicants with GCC residents:
  • If you are a resident of a GCC country (Saudi Arabia-Bahrain-Qatar-United Arab Emirates-Oman), you can also apply online using proof of your GCC residency card (valid for at least 6 months).
  • A GCC applicant’s profession should be one of the following: Consultant, Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Judge/Member of Public Prosecution, University Teacher, Press & Media Staff, Pilot, System Analyst/Computer Programmer, Manager, Businessperson, Diplomatic Corps, University Graduate – Owner, Manager, and Representative of Commercial Companies and Establishments.
  • The applicant must not have any security restrictions preventing them from entering or exiting the country.
IMPORTANT: Kuwait Visas are not processed on weekends (Friday and Saturday).

Learn More: e-Visa to Kuwait

In 2016, the Kuwaiti Government launched the Kuwait Online Visa, which is an electronic travel authorization created to streamline the visa application process. This new system drastically reduces time at border checkpoints and eliminates the necessity of visiting an embassy in-person. Additionally, applicants need not send their passport to an embassy or visit for an interview. The Kuwait Government issues the visas online and Aid-Air will send you this document in PDF format via email. Applying through Aid-Air will allow you access to your own personal online account where you can easily track the status and approval of your visa.