USA EVUS (Electronic Visa Update System) help & FAQ

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USA EVUS (Electronic Visa Update System) help and FAQ by Aid-Air immigration experts
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What is EVUS?

The EVUS (Electronic Visa Update System) is an electronic system for all Chinese passport holders (who intend to travel to the United States) to update their biographical information. Additionally of a valid US visa, they will be requested to complete an EVUS enrollment to enter the US.

Aid-Air can assist you with this process.

How much does the EVUS cost?

This will depend on the processing time you choose, we have three different options for you:

  • Standard Processing Time: 7 days – USD 18.00.
  • Rush Processing Time: 5 days – USD 27.00.
  • Super Rush Processing Time: 3 days – USD 49.50.

* The price can change, the correct fee present at applying

If I’m transiting through the US do I need the EVUS?

All international travels who transit in the US are expected to carry a valid passport and a valid visa unless their nationality is exempt from this requirement. However, only Chinese citizens will be required to have an approved EVUS.

What do I need to apply for it?

All you will need is a valid US B1/B2 Visa and to fill out a form. Luckily for you, you don’t have to go to an embassy to fill it out, you can do it online. Bear in mind that in some cases, the approval takes at least 72 hours, so apply in advance so you can avoid any issue.

What conditions must the applicant’s passport meet for the EVUS?

You must have your valid B1/B2 visa, if your visa is in your old passport, you must also carry it along with your current passport.

What conditions must the applicant’s passport meet for the EVUS?

You must have your valid B1/B2 visa, if your visa is in your old passport, you must also carry it along with your current passport.

How long does it take?

To complete the form will take you, at least, 10 minutes! The application is friendly and super simple, if you have any doubt or issue, you can contact our customer service agents and they will help you through.

Do I still need a visa?

Yes. The EVUS is not a visa and doesn’t replace one. You will need a valid B1/B2 visa to enter the US and to apply for the EVUS as well.

I’m traveling with my family, do they need an EVUS?

Yes! As long as they all have their valid passport and valid B1/B2 visa, they will need the EVUS too.

How long is an EVUS valid for?

EVUS enrollment is valid for two years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first.

Where and how can I obtain it?

You can obtain your EVUS by applying with Aid-Air, we will keep you updated and our team will solve all your doubts! Aid-Air is the easiest and fastest way to obtain it.

I have more questions, where can I contact you?

Contact us through any of our customer service channels by clicking here. Our representatives will be really glad to help you out with this process or any other process you have doubts about.

Learn more about the United States Tourism for Chinese citizens

Visiting the United States is never a bad thing. It’s the capital of the World per excellence and a commercial paradise. It has more than 9,147,593 km2 of extension, making it also one of the largest countries. Regardless of the date, a trip to this destination is a pleasure and something unforgettable.

With its beautiful landscapes, stunning city life, and cultural variety you can never get bored. The United States has 50 states, so there’s a lot of things to do, even if you only have 2 weeks of vacation. That’s why you should always plan what you want to do several weeks before the arrival date. Remember that the idea is to explore the most, and enjoy with no stress or pressure.

You can enjoy city life by visiting New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, or less “cliché” places like Michigan and Pennsylvania. Still, New York is a must for any traveler, especially to know the famous Statue of Liberty, the most emblematic symbol of the United States, which was built by Gustave Eiffel (the same creator of the Eiffel Tower). You should also taste the popular “dollar pizza” and walk through Central Square if you go to New York City.

But going to Chicago or even other cities mentioned before like Michigan is still an amazing experience. You can enjoy not only amazing skydives but also amazing places like Millenium Park or the Detroit Institute of Arts. In Pennsylvania, you can know the popular Liberty Bell or get lost in the beauties of Beacon Hill. These examples are only part of the things you can do surrounding the East Coast of the United States. When you go south to states like Florida, then the experience changes.

First of all, you must visit the Latin influenced city of Miami, and the World Disney World in Orlando is also a must. You can also get more adrenaline by going to other amusement parks which are quite popular in Orlando. But that’s only part of the Southeast for the US because you can also get lost in the exotic culture of places like Alabama, Lousiana, Georgia, and Mississipi just to mention some. In case you visit New Orleans in Louisiana, try to do it during the Mardi Gras, you’ll surely enjoy it.

By going to the other extreme of the US, exactly to the West and Southwest coast, then you’ll enjoy other beauties. You can’t forget about the amazing state of California, a place that shows off the famous Hollywood. But that’s not all the things you can do in California, you can also know the gems in San Francisco like the Golden Gate Bridge and its popular cable cars.

You can also relax on the beautiful beaches in Los Angeles. If you prefer something more adventurous and full of nature, then you must visit the states of Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and more. In this part of the country, you can trek in the well-known Red Canyon or walk through forests like the Prescott National Forest.

Don’t forget that gambling is still something popular in Nevada since it has Las Vegas, one city that could count as a huge casino full of nightlife. In the North of the United States, the mountains become a remarkable aspect of nature. With states like Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, you have a lot of beauties to explore. The most popular is Yellowstone Park, with gorgeous waterfalls and landscapes, but you can also know the Olympic National Forest near Seattle or the breathtaking Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forests.

Don’t forget that states like Hawaii and Alaska are still part of the US, even being away from the country. You can still plan to visit these places, but it might be a little bit harder. Even though, you should find a chance to explore it. As you can see, The United States is an important destination, especially for Chinese.

According to certain researches on websites like Statista, more than 2.8 million Chinese citizens were visiting the US in 2019. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there’s been a recent decrease. Nevertheless, Chinese are still one of the 5 most popular nationalities visiting the USA. With a fast-growing economy and incredible commerce, the “States” seems to be the favorite destination for many Asian countries, not only China.

Though, if you’re a Chinese citizen you can call yourself a lucky person. You can now apply for the long-expected EVUS, a special document that allows you to enter the USA legally and without any stress that you could find with another type of document.

Take note that the EVUS was officially launched in 2016, and it’s only available for all individuals with a People’s Republic of China passport and holders of a 10-year visitor visa B1 or B2. Every eligible citizen who wants to visit the US for business, tourism, or transit should apply for an EVUS before their trip.

Travelers using other travel documents, including Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR, may continue to travel to the U.S. as they already do. Keep in mind that it’s recommended to apply for your EVUS at least 72 hours before the departure for the United States.

Once your EVUS is approved, it is valid for two years and can be used to enter the US on multiple trips or until the passport or visa expires, whichever occurs first.

If your passport expires, then you should renew the passport and apply again to obtain a new EVUS. You can always check the status of your document and its validity period. Take advantage of this peculiarity for Chinese citizens since it can be quite useful for any upcoming travel to the US.

This document has been made to simplify a bureaucratic process and help you to enjoy your trip with nothing more than pleasure and happiness. After that, all you have to do is to prepare your luggage and get ready for your expected adventure.