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Kyrgyzstan Tourist e-Visa help and FAQ by Aid-Air immigration experts
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What is the Kyrgyzstan Tourist e-Visa?

The Kyrgyzstan Tourist e-Visa is the official travel document needed by foreigners for tourist purposes to visit Kyrgyzstan.

What do I need to apply for a Kyrgyzstan Tourist e-Visa?

We require the following to submit your application:

  • Applicant Photo
  • Passport Personal Details Scan

What is the cost to obtain a Kyrgyzstan Tourist e-Visa?

The Kyrgyzstan Tourist e-Visa costs USD 51.50.

Additionally, there is a service fee:

  • USD 35.00 for standard processing.
  • For rush processing and super rush processing the service fee is USD 65.00 and USD 100.00, respectively.

* The price can change, the correct fee present at applying

How long does it take to get a Kyrgyzstan Tourist e-Visa?

It depends on the processing time you choose. We offer three options:

  • Standard Processing: 9 Business Days
  • Rush Processing: 7 Business Days
  • Super Rush Processing: 5 Business Days

* The processing time can change, the correct time at applying

How long is the Kyrgyzstan Tourist e-Visa valid for?

It is valid for 60 days after arrival.

How long is the Kyrgyzstan Tourist e-Visa valid for?

It is valid for 60 days after arrival.

What requirements should my passport meet if I want to apply for a Kyrgyzstan Tourist e-Visa?

Your ordinary passport has to be valid for at least 6 months after your e-Visa expires. Also, it should not have less than 2 free pages. It should not be damaged and should not include unofficial remarks.

I made a mistake on my application. Can I modify the e-Visa after it’s issued?

No, we can not change or modify any details on the e-Visa once it’s issued. If you do, however, realize you made a mistake before your visa has been issued, then please contact us ASAP via online chat or by sending an email to

How long can I stay in Kyrgyzstan with an e-Visa?

The maximum stay allowed is 60 days in Total.

Can I enter through any port of entry with a Kyrgyzstan tourist e-Visa?

Foreign citizens who have received a Tourist e-Visa in the electronic visa system need to enter and exit Kyrgyzstan through checkpoints located at:

  • Manas Airport
  • Osh Airport
  • Chon-Kapka-avtodorozhnyi
  • Chaldybar- avtodorozhnyi
  • Ak-Jol Avtodorozhnyi
  • Ak-Tilek- avtodorozhnyi
  • Dostuk- avtodorozhnyi
  • Kyzyl-Bel- avtodorozhnyi
  • Kulundu- avtodorozhnyi
  • Bor-Dobo- avtodorozhnyi
  • Irkeshtam- avtodorozhnyi
  • Torugart-avtodorozhnyi

Which countries are exempt from presenting an invitation letter to obtain the Kyrgyzstan Tourist e-Visa?

The following countries are exempt from presenting an invitation letter when applying for a Tourist e-Visa:

  • Albania
  • Andorra
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Chile
  • Cyprus
  • Indonesia
  • Israel
  • Macedonia
  • Mexico
  • Montenegro
  • Oman
  • Philippines
  • Romania
  • San Marino
  • South Africa
  • Serbia
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • Venezuela

Which countries are exempt from a Kyrgyzstan e-Visa?

Holders of passports issued by the following 61 nations are not required to obtain a visa for Kyrgyzstan up to the length of stay mentioned below:

  • Indefinite: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cuba, Georgia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, North Korea, Russia, Tajikistan, Vietnam.
  • 90 days: Mongolia and Ukraine
  • 60 days: Australia, Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei, Canada, Kuwait, Monaco, New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, United States, Uzbekistan, Vatican City. Also, citizens from the European Union / EFTA except for Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Romania citizens are exempt from a visa.
  • 30 days: Malaysia and Turkey

Vaccination requirements to travel to Kyrgyzstan

Yellow Fever vaccine is required if traveling from a country with risk of yellow fever transmission.

Check WHO – Countries with risk of yellow fever transmission and countries requiring yellow fever vaccination.

Learn more about Kyrgyzstan Tourism

If you take a look at the world map, you will notice that there are a lot of ‘stans’ in Asia, but Kyrgyzstan is one of the most open to the western world.

They embrace tourism, and even if it is still a developing field, you can go and explore it just for your curiosity. They do have lovely landscapes in the mountains, lakes where you can relax for a day or two, and the cultural tours are interesting. If you go there for a few days, you will not get bored. However, before you start packing your bags, you need to know a few things about Kyrgyzstan so that you can have a lovelier trip.

Wondering when the best time to visit? That depends on what you are looking for. Just like any other country, Kyrgyzstan has its high, low, and shoulder season. The high season is generally crowded with tourists who go there to trek the mountains. This happens from July to September.

That is also the period in which most festivals take place, so if you choose to go then, you should expect some fascinating events. The low season is October through March. Most of the trekking trails are closed off because of the bad weather and huge mountains of snow. It is too dangerous. Even so, tourists still visit Kyrgyzstan for winter sports. Several winter resorts can provide a lot of fun.

Lastly, the shoulder season is May through June. That is when there is still a bit of snow in the mountains, but the weather is nice, and the flowers are blooming all over the country. If you do not like crowds, it is the best time to visit Kyrgyzstan.

You may have concerns about your safety, which is something natural. Even so, you do not have many things to worry about. People in Kyrgyzstan welcome tourists, and they do not have issues with terrorism. You should feel pretty safe. As you can imagine, there are a few things that can happen, but there is nothing serious. You may experience some scamming.

Taxi drivers do not always turn on the meter, and you end up paying more than your trip is worth. However, if you pay attention so that the driver turns it on, you should be just fine. You should also have small bills on you at all times. Even walking down the streets alone at night is safe, although we do not recommend it. Bad people exist in every part of the world, and you should play it safe.

As for communication, you may have a bad time if the only language you speak in English. The Kyrgyz people do not speak it, and even if you hire a translator, some things will be lost in translation. So what option do you have? Kyrgyzstan is an old Soviet country, so as you can imagine, Russian is one of the languages people use. It is also Kyrgyz, and more and more people learn to use it.

If you want to get around, you should probably learn some basic words in both languages. Keep in mind that it depends on which region you visit. Some speak Russian, some Kyrgyz, but it would not hurt to learn a little bit of both.

They are not the easiest languages to learn, but without that effort, you may have a tough time getting around. When it comes to money, Kyrgyzstan uses som, the local currency. The country is a cash-based society. You may be able to pay for your hotel using a credit or a debit card, but that is pretty much it.

All the rest must be paid in cash. At the same time, you cannot get som outside the country. You can try, but chances of you finding a bank to exchange your money in som are slim to none. When you leave, it is recommended that you take US dollars. The bank will change your money, but you need to speak their language. Otherwise, you will have a tough time making the exchange.

Another thing that you should know is that Kyrgyzstan’s population is mostly Muslim, but you will be surprised at how relaxed they are. You do not have to follow the same rules as in Arabic countries, for example. Women dress decently, but they do not go overboard.

However, there are some regions where people practice Islam with more dedication, and if you find yourself in one of those regions, you need to dress conservatively. You do not want people giving you nasty looks while you walk among them. It is also a sign of respect. Your luggage should include a few bottles of hand sanitizer. For some reason, most bathrooms do not have soap. As you can imagine, you need to clean your hands thoroughly before meals.

As for food and drinks, chances are that you are going to like it. Since the people of Kyrgyzstan have a nomadic descent, they consume a lot of milk and tea. They do have vegetables, but they are not big fans. Even so, if you have a vegan diet, you need to ask, and you will be served. But overall, the food looks very colorful and is delicious. It is perfectly seasoned.

There are some traditional dishes you can try as well. You may hear about some unconventional beverages such as fermented horse milk, but if you have the stomach for it, you should try drinking it. Who knows? Maybe you will like it. If not, you should stick to clack or green tea. The Kyrgyz people have it with every single meal. The bottom line is that Kyrgyzstan is a country worth visiting.

The people are welcoming, although they may seem a little bit tough in the beginning. It is one of their traits. The country is safe, and you cannot go there without doing some trekking in the mountains. The landscapes are stunning, and you will create beautiful memories.