Vital Information About the Belgium ETIAS for Citizens of Argentina

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Vital Information About the Belgium ETIAS for Citizens of Argentina
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Before planning your trip to Belgium, take into account that you will need an ETIAS to enter the country. Aid-Air provides you with a secure and simple process. Read more in this article about Belgium ETIAS for Citizens of Argentina, what it is, and how you can submit your application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between ETIAS and a Visa?

Both ETIAS and a Visa are traveling documents that allow travelers to enter certain territories, but they are not the same. ETIAS is the new European Travel Information and Authorization System that offers an easy online process for tourists to attain the document. It increases the security in the borders of countries in the Schengen Economic Area since it cross-checks applicants’ personal information in multiple databases. There are already similar systems in place like the Canadian ETA and the ESTA required by the United States.

Do Argentinian Citizens need to apply for an ETIAS?

Nationals from countries out of the EU who can currently enter the Schengen zone without a visa will most likely need an ETIAS to visit any of the countries in that area. To confirm if Argentinian citizens are part of this group, you can use the Aid-Air’s Visa Checker tool.

How many countries can I visit once I have my ETIAS?

There are currently 26 European countries that are part of the Schengen area. Once you have your ETIAS, you will be able to visit any or as many of them as you wish. Just note that when you fill the application form, you will need to enter the first country you will be visiting in the zone; therefore, your first traveling destination should go according to your answer. If not, you could be denied your entry.

What steps should I follow to apply for an ETIAS?

If you already confirmed that you are eligible for an ETIAS, start your process here with Aid-Air. The process will be entirely online and secure, and it will take only around 20 minutes to complete. Here’s what you should do:

  • First, find the application form on our web page and fill up all the fields with your personal information.

  • Second, reread your information to confirm that everything is correct on the form, not wrong data or typing errors.

  • Third, provide the required documentation, which will be indicated on the page.

What documents will I need for my application?

The first requirement is the online form correctly filled. Along with that, you will also be required to attach certain documents:

  • Passport: original and scanned copy.
  • Email address: to receive information regarding your ETIAS and your official document.
  • Payment method: choose whichever suits you better credit/debit card or PayPal.

How long can I stay in Belgium with my ETIAS?

You can stay in Belgium for a maximum of 90 days. The ETIAS will have a validity of three years and will allow you to spend 90 days out of 180 in one or a few of the countries inside the Schengen area.

What is the process for a family traveling together?

For a group of people traveling together, even if they’re family, the process is the same. Each one of the members must apply by separate. You can obtain further information on this with our customer agents.

What are the Aid-Air fees and times for the ETIAS?

You can find three different choices that adjust to your needs and budget. All of them are good, choose whichever works better for you:

  • Standard choice, for those who can wait and want to spend less.
  • Rush choice, for those with some urgency and who don’t mind paying more.
  • Super rush choice, for those traveling soon willing to pay higher fees.

How can I confirm if Aid-Air is the right choice for my ETIAS application?

We can state that Aid-Air’s software and technology are built to provide customers with a safe and optimum service at all times.

It is not just us who say it; our customers also say so. Find their testimonies at our customer review section and learn more about their experiences with Aid-Air services.

Is there a way to find more information on Aid-Air and the ETIAS?

We have available a team of customer agents. Do not hesitate to contact them; there will be someone 24/7 for you to ask any questions regarding ETIAS or any other of our services.

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