Uganda Visa for Moldovan Citizens and the East African Visa

Find the guide and instructions for getting the visa before your flight

If you live in Moldova, but you want to see the nation of Uganda, there’s a program that makes this easier than ever: the e-Visa.

Since July of 2016, the Republic of Uganda has made these digital visas available to travelers from Moldova. Whether you’re vacationing, visiting family, or just taking in the sights while you wait for your departing flight, a Uganda e-Visa can get you there. With the East Africa e-Visa, you can also visit Rwanda and Kenya.

If you’re okay with being at the airport, you don’t have to get an e-Visa. But the beauty of Uganda is just a short application away, so don’t miss out. Get a Uganda e-Visa right now or read on to discover the varying levels of e-Visa options.

Three e-Visa Options for Travelling from Moldova to Uganda

If you’re travelling to Uganda from Moldova, your travel plans determine which e-Visa you should get. You can learn about the different e-Visa options below.

Transit e-Visa

Not looking to spend much time in Uganda? The Transit e-Visa is the simplest option for busy travelers. With this e-Visa, travelers from Moldova have up to 3 days to spend in Uganda. A Transit e-Visa makes the long layovers enjoyable.

Travelers who are only in the airport for a connecting flight don’t have to get a visa, but it’s worth it to experience Uganda for a few days. Get a Transit e-Visa right here.

Tourist e-Visa

If you’re ready to spend a lot more time in Uganda than just 3 days, the Tourist e-Visa is a great opportunity to do that. Travelers from Moldova can use this e-Visa to unwind, see loved ones in the area, or just explore the beauty and culture of Uganda. With a Tourist e-Visa, you’ll have a relaxing trip with plenty of time to spare.

The Tourist e-Visa is valid for a single entry, which must be made within 90 days of your arrival. You can spend 45 days in Uganda after you make this entry. Get your Tourist e-Visa here.

East Africa e-Visa

This is the e-Visa choice for tourists who want the best experience of East Africa. With the East Africa e-Visa, you’ll have the same amount of time to spend in Uganda, but during this time, you’ll have access to Rwanda and Kenya, which you can enter and exit whenever you wish. Apply for an East Africa e-Visa here.

Your travel plans don’t have to include embassy paperwork. Instead, you can use our secure online application and enjoy a quick verification process. You just need:

  • A valid passport — Your passport needs to be current, and the expiration date shouldn’t be sooner than six months after you land in Uganda.
  • A recent passport photo — Scan your passport photo and be sure to turn it in with your online e-Visa application.
  • Travel plans and a return ticket — The Republic of Uganda will want to know a little more about your travel plans, including the date that you plan to depart Uganda. Make sure you have a return ticket before you leave on your trip.
  • Email address — When you apply, be sure to give us the right email address, because that’s where we’ll send your e-Visa confirmation to. Once you have your e-Visa, you can print it off and bring it with you to Uganda.
  • Yellow fever vaccination — It’s always recommended that you be immunized against yellow fever before visiting Africa, but Uganda requires it.
  • Payment method — It’s easy to pay for your e-Visa, whether you prefer to use PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. Have one of these ready when you apply.

We strive to make your travel experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. We hope you have a wonderful time visiting Uganda and East Africa.

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