Papua New Guinea E-visa for Citizens of Australia

Find the guide and instructions for getting the visa before your flight

Starting in 2019, Papua New Guinea began an e-Visa program for tourists from Australia. Instead of applying for your visa to Papua New Guinea (PNG) in person, you can get your e-Visa online in a digital format that works exactly like a paper visa. The PNG e-Visa is good for up to 180 days, depending on your country of origin. Be sure to have your passport and accommodation details ready to apply for your Papua New Guinea visa online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Papua New Guinea e-Visa

If Australia is not your country of citizenship, use our Visa Checker Tool to see the requirements for your country of citizenship.

What do I need to apply for a Papua New Guinea e-Visa?

You will need to have a passport with at least 6 months validity as well as accommodation information, such as which hotel you are staying or a physical address of a friend or family member who will be hosting you.

Be sure to have at least two passport stamp pages available for when you enter and exit Papua New Guinea. Also, always have a paper copy of your visa while you travel to show relevant authorities.

The Papua New Guinea e-Visa program is valid for tourism purposes only. It cannot be used for studying abroad or business purposes.

How long does it take to process a Papua New Guinea e-Visa?

We know you may need a visa fast. We offer three processing times for Papua New Guinea e-Visas:

  • Standard Processing: 5 Business Days
  • Rush Processing: 3 Business Days
  • Super Rush Processing: 1 Business Day

How much does a Papua New Guinea e-Visa cost?

The cost of your visa to Papua New Guinea depends on your processing speed.

  • Standard Processing of your visa will cost USD 85.00.
  • Rush Processing of your visa will cost USD 115.00.
  • Super Rush Processing of your visa will cost USD 150.00.

How many times can I enter Papua New Guinea with the e-Visa?

Entry types are usually single, double, or multiple. Single entry means you can enter the country once. Double entry means you can enter the country twice. Multiple entries means that, within the time frame of your visa, you can enter a country as many times as you need.

Your Papua New Guinea e-Visa allows visitors from Australia Single Entry into the country. Be sure to plan accordingly.

When does the e-Visa for Papua New Guinea expire?

The Papua New Guinea e-Visa will expire in 180 days after issued.

How long can I stay in Papua New Guinea with an e-Visa?

You can vacation in Papua New Guinea for as long as 30 days Per Entry with a tourist e-Visa.

Papua New Guinea Visa Online for Australian Residents

Don’t bother with getting your visa in person. Apply for your Papua New Guinea visa online and take advantage of the e-Visa program that thoUSAnds of travelers have already used. Aid-Air’s proprietary application process is safe, affordable, and convenient.

You can apply from your smartphone or laptop wherever you are. Safe travels, and have a wonderful time on your vacation to Papua New Guinea.

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