Is the Canada Eta Multiple-entry?

Find the guide and instructions for getting the visa before your flight

If you plan to travel to Canada any time soon and you are among the 54 visa-exempt nationalities, then you are required to obtain a Canada ETA before departure. Luckily, you can get it online, and Aid-Air can help you with the application process. And to answer your question, yes, the Canada ETA grants multiple entries for a period of 5 years after issued or until passport expires.

What are the requirements?

Before moving on to the application process, you need to make sure that you meet all the requirements. However, the list is quite short. Aid-Air does not ask very much of you. here is what you must provide to get started:

  • Valid passport – all applicants who wish to obtain an ETA must hold a valid passport that remains as such for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival in Canada. Also, keep in mind that an expired passport also means an expired ETA, and a new passport implies a new ETA as well.

  • An e-mail address – since the application process is entirely online, you will receive the ETA via e-mail. That is why you need an address to which you have access.

  • Means of payment – for the same reason as above, you need to have an online means of payment. Aid-Air accepts multiple methods. You can use a credit or a debit card, but PayPal is accepted as well.

How to apply for a multiple-entry Canada ETA

Once you see that you have everything you need, you can proceed to the application form. The form created by Aid-Air is short and simple. It should not take more than 20 minutes for you to complete. Moreover, if you need help along the way, you can contact Aid-Air’s support service. It is available 24/7, and it is entirely free of charge.

There are three steps you need to go through:

  1. The first one asks for your personal information and some details about your trip and passport. You are also required to select one of the three available processing time options, but keep in mind that each of them comes with its own price. They are as follows:

    • Standard processing – if the circumstances allow it, you can go for the slowest and cheapest option. By choosing the Standard option, you agree to have your application processed within 24 hours. The cost of this option is USD 19.50.

    • Rush processing – if time is of the issue, you can choose this option and have your Canada ETA in your e-mail inbox in just 4 hours. However, you will be charged USD 49.50.

    • Super Rush processing – emergency situation call for the fastest processing time available. Your application is processed within 30 minutes, but the cost goes higher as well. The fee for this option is USD 69.50.

  2. Step number two is about payment and revision. The latter is essential because you cannot make any corrections once your application reaches processing. As you can tell, the window is very small, so there is barely any time for corrections at all. That is why we recommend that you double-check the form before moving forward. Otherwise, you can end up with an invalid Canada ETA.

  3. The last step consists of documents upload. Aid-Air will ask for you to upload the necessary documentation. Once you are done, you can submit your application and wait.

As you can see, getting a multiple-entry Canada ETA is as simple as it can be. Aid-Air does most of the work for you. The ETA is valid for 5 years after issued or until passport expires, and it allows you to stay in Canada for up to 180 days Per Entry.

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