How to Get the Belgium ETIAS for Citizens of Taiwan

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How to Get the Belgium ETIAS for Citizens of Taiwan
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Swapping island life for European travel in Mainland Belgium is quite the change, but it’s a good way for any citizen of Taiwan to recharge and relax amidst new scenery.

Coming from a background with a cultural mixture from Japan, Korea, and China makes Belgium the home away from home some tourists look for. Belgium also has a variety of culinary influences with international food everywhere you look, their twist on French fries, and the indulgence of chocolate for every foodie. There is even the historical presence of their neighboring countries, to create the ultimate fusion destination of concepts and art.

But soon, these easy trips from Taiwan to Belgium will change slightly. The citizens of Taiwan will need to apply for an ETIAS to continue their European travels.
This is a new measure created to request personal information from future travelers arriving from Schengen visa-exempt countries, in order to increase the security measures in these countries. It might sound like a difficult process, but it is quite the contrary. It’s a simple online application that you must fill out and send for revision.

You will discover in this article many relevant FAQs to understand the purpose and necessity of the Belgium ETIAS for all citizens of Taiwan, and how Aid-Air can help you during the process. The text is not much to read, and you’ll benefit from the information provided.


Why do citizens of Taiwan need the ETIAS?

Every citizen on the list of visa-exempt countries that want to travel to Belgium or other Schengen countries, and are, must request an ETIAS before departing their country. The Schengen states are implementing the ETIAS to pre-screening visitors to increase safety and reduce terrorism.

Which countries can I visit with a Belgium ETIAS?

With the ETIAS permit, you may only visit the Schengen countries. It doesn’t matter if the country is or isn’t part of the European Union, as long as they make up the Schengen zone. The benefit of ETIAS is that the traveling holder many enter multiple times to all of these countries.

What is the ETIAS validity for Taiwan citizens?

The ETIAS validity is different for each individual foreigner traveling from Schengen visa-exempt countries, as it may be for a maximum of 3 years or for the duration of your trip. The authorization document allows the holder to visit the Schengen countries multiple times.

Is the ETIAS valid for citizens in Taiwan who wish to study in Belgium?

ETIAS authorization is requested by any traveler wishing to visit the Schengen countries for a short time, which means no more than 90 days in 180 days. The document is for foreigners wanting to arrive for business or tourism purposes. You may stay 90 days in one single country, or use them to stay in more than one Schengen state.

Is the ETIAS application fast to complete?

The ETIAS application is very straightforward and easy to do with a good internet connection and a computer. Filling out your application form shouldn’t take much time, but if you want to be sure the ETIAS results arrive within a specific period you should use Aid-Air services.

By using the Aid-Air platform, you can choose a specific processing speed for your application; this way, you can guarantee when you’ll be getting the results.

Select the processing speed you want, from these three options:

  • Standard process: after you submit the application form, your ETIAS results will be delivered in 24 hours.
  • Rush process: the processing speed is faster, and after applying, your results are ready within 4 hours.
  • Super rush process: the quickest processing speed to analyze your results. Submit your form, and get your results in 30 minutes.

How can I apply online for ETIAS?

There has never been an easier online application process than ETIAS. By using Aid-Air you are only required to follow three simple steps:

1.Start the application by filling out a questionnaire with your personal info, and select your processing speed for the form.

2.Your next step is to revise the info given in the first step is correct, and make payment.

3.The last step is to answer a poll in which you may need to include some documents for the ETIAS analysis process.

You must then click SUBMIT and simply wait for your ETIAS results to arrive within the requested time.

How secure is Aid-Air?

We protect our databases with well-known and reliable security systems to ensure your personal data is kept under lock and key and far from any internet threats. We value your preference for using our services, and we will continue using powerful security programs to protect the personal data of our clients.

Please see our customers’ reviews of our services. If you have any concerns about the system, you can contact our 24/7 customer support service.

I still have questions, who can I ask?

We’ve put essential information together for you in the FAQs above, but we know there will always be new questions. We’re ready to help you solve any doubt you have related to ETIAS and electronic visas. Go ahead and send us a chat with your questions so we can help you find the answer. You can also find more information regarding ETIAS on the Aid-Air website.