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China Visa for Danish
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Any Danish who wants to travel to China can now easily obtain the right documents with the help of Aid-Air.

China released an e-Visa system in November 2017, and it allows you to apply for a Group e-Visa or a Business e-Visa on Arrival. By applying for this document, you don’t have to visit the Chinese embassy, and you will get the document on your terms, with just a few minutes of your valuable time.

Since Aid-Air started these options, it has been very successful. Few things compare to not stressing about over a simple paper, and Aid-Air understands that very well. That is why their services have known quite the popularity in the last four years.

Learn more about the Chinese e-Visa with the information below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I apply for a Chinese Visa if I’m from Denmark?

Yes, if you’re Danish, you have to apply for a Visa to visit China. However, you can obtain a Group e-Visa or Business e-Visa on Arrival by using Aid-Air’s services.

How many types of e-Visas are there for China?

There are two types of e-Visas:

  • Group e-Visa
  • Business e-Visa on Arrival

How long can I stay in China if I’m from Denmark?

This will depend on the type of e-Visa you apply for. With the Group e-Visa you can stay there for 30 days in Total, but with the Business e-Visa on Arrival you can stay only for 15 days Per Entry.

What are the requirements?

To start with, you must prepare some documents. These are just the usual documents, and chances are, you already have some of it. Here is a list of what you are required to provide so that Aid-Air can do its job:

  • Passport Personal Details Scan

  • Applicant Photo

  • Airline Confirmation

  • Proof of Accommodation

  • Last Page of Passport (if applicable)

Keep in mind that these documents are required for both Group e-Visa or Business e-Visa on Arrival.

You’ll also need a valid e-mail address and a valid payment method to pay Aid-Air’s services. It can be a Credit/Debit Card or a Paypal Account.

What are the procedure times and fees?

The amount you’ll have to pay for your China e-Visa depends on two factors: processing time and the type of e-Visa.

For the processing time, you have three options: Standard, Rush and Super Rush. In this part, we’ll offer you the Group e-Visa prices, but you can check the Business e-Visa on Arrival prices here.

These are the options for the Group e-Visa:

  • Standard processing time – your ETA will be completed in 6 days. All you must pay is USD 186.50.

  • Rush processing time – with this alternative, your travel document will be in 4 days, and the payment is USD 221.50.

  • Super Rush processing time – this is a fastest option that only takes 2 days, but the cost is USD 251.50.

Don’t forget that these fees are based on the Group e-Visa. If you want to know more information about the prices for the Business e-Visa on Arrival you can check the information here.

The process provided by Aid-Air may seem expensive, but any other method could cost you even more, and with Aid-Air, you don’t have to stress about any paperwork.

How long is the Chinese Group e-Visa valid for?

The Chinese Group e-Visa is valid for 30 days after arrival and allows you Single Entry in China.

How can I apply?

The application process is very easy to understand. You just need to pay attention and complete the following steps to get your e-Visa. If you need any assistance, Aid-Air has an amazing support service that is ready to take your call 24/7.

  1. The first step of the process should last no more than 20 minutes. You will be asked to complete the online form provided by Aid-Air. Here, you’ll need to provide the necessary information, then select the processing time, and upload the documents you are asked to.

  2. The next step will require you to send your passport to Aid-Air. A label will be sent to you via e-mail which you need to stick to the package. The rest will be taken care of by Aid-Air. This process will be done with the Chinese Government so you won’t need to worry about anything. After that, you just wait for your e-Visa to arrive. It is as simple as that.

Do I need to send my passport to get the Chinese e-Visa?

No, you won’t need to send your passport this time, we only need a scan of your passport. After that, you’ll only need to complete the online form and pay Aid-Air’s fee.

May I request a China Business Visa on Arrival in Shanghai?

No. You must apply for the China Business e-Visa on Arrival before your trip. Additionally, if you land in Shanghai- you will need to fill out a Visa on Arrival form at the airport.

Can I enter China anywhere with any of these e-Visas?

It depends. In the case of the Chinese Business Visa on Arrival, it is only available at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

How does the Chinese Group e-Visa look like?

Where can I read more information?

If you want a faster resolution or you prefer to receive personal attention, you can contact Aid-Air’s service anytime. You can also check more information in this link.

Get ready for your trip by applying for your Chinese e-Visa today!