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Canada Eta for the Citizens of the Uk
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People from the UK, don’t require a visa to travel to Canada. However, just like all the other visa-exempt nationalities, except for the nationals of the US, as a UK citizen, you must apply for a Canada ETA before departure. That is, of course, if you plan to travel by air. If you enter Canada by land from the US or you go by sea, such a document is not required.

What are the requirements?

It is necessary that you get all the documents for your Canada ETA. But you do not have anything to worry about. The requirements are easy to achieve, and the chances of you already meeting all of them are pretty high. Check all the documents that you must need below:

  • Valid passport – this type of document is very vital because it needs to be valid for at least 6 more months from the first day that you are in the Canadian territory.

  • An e-mail address – all communication will be via email and this is why you must ensure that your email works.

  • Means of payment – for your ease, we have 3 options so that you can pay with your credit or debit card or even PayPal.

Canada ETA for the citizens of the UK – the application form

After you notice that you gather everything you need, there is one more thing you need to do, and that is to complete the form. That is easy as well. The form is short and does not ask for much. Furthermore, we have friendly support agents in case you require help.

This application form has 3 sections:

  1. In this part, you need to give your personal information. In addition, enter the processing time that you prefer for your Canada ETA. Now, see all the options that we have for you:

    • Standard processing – this process is affortable and it takes 24 hours to get your ETA and the amount is USD 19.50 including fee for service.

    • Rush processing – we have also this alternative for your Canada ETA and you will obtain in 4 hours and the price will go a bit higher to USD 49.50.

    • Super Rush processing – this is a quick option due to your request will be done in 30 minutes, and the amount will be USD 69.50.

  2. During this section, you need to make the payment using one of the available means of payment, and review the details that you entered in step one. The revision is crucial since you are not allowed to make any amends once your application is submitted. Any errors, even a typo, can render your Canada ETA invalid. Make sure to check carefully for typos or any other errors before moving on.

  3. At the end of the form, you are required to upload the essential documentation. If additional documents are essential, Aid-Air will let you know. Once this step is done as well, you can submit your application.

As you can see, getting a Canada ETA for the citizens of the UK is a piece of cake. The process should not last more than 10 minutes, and Aid-Air handles all the bureaucracy for you.

This type of ETA has a total validity of 5 years after issued or until passport expires. It provides you a Multiple Entry, and you can be there for 180 days Per Entry.