Belgium ETIAS Requirements for Citizens of Israel

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Belgium ETIAS Requirements for Citizens of Israel
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Every country has something they are mostly known for, and although they’re different, each has its appeal. Israel is famous for being the ancestral birthplace of both Judaism and Christianity, while Belgium resonates with the Herk-de-Stad beer academy and their divine chocolate production.

As the saying goes “to each their own,” that’s how each of these destinations fits the travelers’ desires. For citizens of Israel, it’s an advantage to have the possibility of visiting Belgium, and other Schengen countries freely with their visa-exempt passport. But this open border pass will soon no longer be as simple.

Many foreigners, including citizens of Israel, will soon be required to apply for an online ETIAS document if they want to continue visiting the Schengen countries.

ETIAS is a security measure developed to reduce illegal immigration and stop terrorism in these territories.

As part of the FAQs, we have included the most important and relevant information regarding the Belgium ETIAS for citizens of Israel. It’s a brief read that you’ll find very useful to plan future trips to Europe. You can also rely on the Aid-Air website to guide you through this online application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do citizens of Israel need a Belgium ETIAS?

Israel is a member of the current Schengen visa-exempt program, and its citizens currently have limited freedom to visit the European countries. A new requirement is to be implemented, whereby every traveler must apply online for ETIAS if they wish to visit Belgium and other Schengen countries for no more than 90 days.

Which EU countries can citizens of Israel visit with ETIAS?

By having the ETIAS authorization, your access to the European Union countries is limited to members of the Schengen Zone. If you plan on traveling to other states which are not part of Schengen, but are still in the EU, you must find what visa your travel destination requires.

Must I go to the embassy to apply for ETIAS?

Requesting an ETIAS is a straightforward process, and its main advantage is being a digital document. You don’t need to visit any embassy; you only require a computer and internet access to fill out the Aid-Air online application form.

For how long is the Belgium ETIAS valid for citizens of Israel?

Planning your travels with an authorized ETIAS allows you to visit Belgium, and any of the Schengen zone countries for 90 days. You may even visit these countries with the condition of multiple entries. The validity of your document can be for the length of your trip up to a maximum of 3 years.

If your passport expires before those 3 years, your ETIAS automatically becomes invalid, and you must request a new one.

How many days can citizens of Israel stay in Belgium?

All travelers holding an ETIAS are allowed to stay in any of the Schengen area countries for no more than 90 days during 180 days. These 90 days do not need to be consecutive nor in the same region, as long as they aren’t exceeded during the total 180 day period.

Where can I go to apply for ETIAS?

ETIAS is an online process application, so you don’t need to go to any office to apply for one physically. You can head over to the online ETIAS application form and start your process. By using Aid-Air services when applying, you can choose between processing times so you can get your ETIAS document even faster on your email inbox.

The three stages of obtaining your ETIAS are:

1.Fill in a questionnaire with relevant information, and select the best processing speed that adjusts your ETIAS application needs.

  • Standard process – processed and delivered in 24 hours
  • Rush process – submitted and with a response within 4 hours
  • Super rush process – speedy processing time to get your ETIAS results in 30 minutes.

2.The second stage is for you to revise the info provided on the questionnaire must be accurate. Then, you will pay Aid-Air service fee.

3.The final stage relates to a poll. There will be some questions for you related to documents the ETIAS will need from you. You must then click on Submit.

Once your application is submitted, you will only need to wait some hours until you receive the Belgium ETIAS results.

Can I trust Aid-Air with my passport info?

Providing your passport information is as confidential as your credit card. At Aid-Air, we know how valuable this is and that’s the reason why we keep the info secured in our databases under the best security systems. The information can only be copied and modified by you, the user. Our purpose is to keep it safe while helping with your application process.

You can see what our previous clients have said about our services here.

I need more information, who can I talk to?

We understand that you may have more questions regarding the Belgium ETIAS for citizens of Israel, and we’re more than ready to help you with that. Please drop us a line, or head over to the Aid-Air’s website where you can find more broad information.