Belgium ETIAS Process for Citizens of United Arab Emirates

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Belgium ETIAS Process for Citizens of United Arab Emirates
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If you’ve ever wanted to discover the number one exporter in chocolate, Belgium is your destination. They’re not only the most important exporters, as Belgians are also well-known for their chocolate and praline desserts.

If you’re not interested in their diversity of chocolate, the impressive architecture and comic drawings in different parts of Brussels might catch your eye. Belgium homes a variety of cultures, languages, cuisine, and architecture from the Old European Continent that consistently attracts tourists, including many citizens from the United Arab Emirates.

There is only one slight complication; citizens of the United Arab Emirates will soon need to apply for an ETIAS permit to visit Belgium. It is now a prerequisite for any traveler coming from Schengen visa-free countries, but it will help to increase security inside the Schengen states.

This article is focused on the Belgium ETIAS and how it’s relevant for citizens of the United Arab Emirates. Below are the most essential FAQs, which will guide you through this new border concept, the benefits it gives the travelers, as well as the online application process with Aid-Air.


Why is a Belgium ETIAS needed for citizens of the United Arab Emirates?

The Belgium ETIAS is required for any traveler wanting to visit any of the Schengen countries who is a national of a visa-exempt country. The ETIAS serves as a pre-screening document to ensure that future visitors are not a threat to the Schengen countries, and this way improves the Economic Area’s security measures.

Does ETIAS allow me to travel to the United Kingdom?

The ETIAS is only valid for travelers from Schengen visa-exempt countries that want to visit any of the Schengen states. If you plan to travel to the United Kingdom, you will need to apply for their tourist visa while getting ready for your next trip.

Can I travel more than once a year to Belgium with ETIAS?

With ETIAS you are allowed multiple entries to any of the Schengen states within the validity of your document, which is either for the length of your trip or a maximum of three years. During these 3 years, you may visit the Schengen Area many times, as long as each stay doesn’t exceed 90 days in 180 days.

Can citizens of the United Arab Emirates stay in Belgium for a month with ETIAS?

Yes, they can. Citizens from the United Arab Emirates can apply to visit for one month, or for up to 90 days in 180 days any of the Schengen countries. You can stay your entire trip in one country, or decide to enjoy many others during this period.

What happens to the ETIAS if my passport expires?

If your passport expires before the ETIAS, your ETIAS becomes automatically invalid, and you’ll have to apply for a new ETIAS with your new passport.

How can citizens of the United Arab Emirates apply for ETIAS?

The online ETIAS application process is simple, straightforward and should take no more than a couple of minutes through the Aid-Air platform.

Using the Aid-Air platform ensures you a fast and easy process, and it only requires three steps:

1.Fill in the questionnaire with your details, and pick a processing speed for your ETIAS application process.

  • Standard process – once the form is submitted you will get your ETIAS in 24 hours
  • Rush process – going for a faster processing time means you’ll get your ETIAS results in 4 hours
  • Super rush process – choosing the fastest processing speed for your documentation, you’ll be getting the ETIAS results within no more than 30 minutes.

2.You must then double-check that the info provided above is valid, and make the fee payment.

3.Your third step requires you to answer a survey. If part of the questions includes a request for any additional document, it’s because the ETIAS system requires it.

Once finished with the previous steps just click on SUBMIT, and you’re finished. The next phase is to wait for the ETIAS results to arrive on your email address inbox.

How secure is my data on the Aid-Air platform?

We know how important your private details are, and that’s why we protect our databases with the most reliable security systems there are on the market. Once you type your information into our platform, it’s locked with your user information, and we only use what is needed for the ETIAS application process.

You can confirm our customer’s satisfaction with our secure platform and quality service through our clients’ reviews here.

Where can I find more info on ETIAS?

We understand that you may have multiple questions regarding the ETIAS. We suggest that you write us a message with your inquiries, so we can help out and solve them. You can visit the Aid-Air website for general information about ETIAS.