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Belgium ETIAS for Citizens of Ukraine
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Taking advantage of the Schengen visa-free program, Ukraine citizens can come and go to Belgium, and other Schengen states however many times they please. And who wouldn’t with the diversity of Art Deco taverns, Flemish art, and Gothic cathedrals throughout the country.

You can always add a snack break to these attractive locations, such as a glass of their locally brewed beer with a bowl of fresh frites or a fluffy Belgian waffle. The country has many well-organized cities, each with a unique personality, some are the main spot of cultural festivals, and others are home to the most beautiful diamonds.

And although these visits have been easily accessed by citizens of Ukraine, the Schengen Area countries now want to increase their inbound security. This action will affect the travelers by requesting from them an ETIAS,, an online authorization that must be approved before traveling.

It’s not a visa, but it does serve as a pre-screening of the foreigner to ensure they’re not a threat to the Schengen countries or their citizens. Getting an ETIAS has never been so simple because it is an online application process and can be filled in just a few days before the trip.

In this article, there are some very important and valuable FAQs you should read to understand the processes and benefits of ETIAS for citizens of Ukraine.


Is an ETIAS needed for every citizen of Ukraine?

The ETIAS is required for every traveler arriving from the Schengen visa-exempt countries, such as Ukraine. This pre-screening process will ensure the safety of Schengen locals and foreigners, as well as reduce terrorism.

Can I visit all European Union countries with ETIAS?

With the ETIAS permit, you are only allowed to visit any of the Schengen Area countries. The authorization does, however, give you multiple entries to any of these countries during the validity period.

For how long is the ETIAS valid?

Although the ETIAS allows you to visit all of the Schengen Area countries with the flexible condition of multiple entries, there are still some limitations. The Belgium ETIAS validity may be granted for the total time of *your planned travels during which you may not stay in any of the countries more than 90 days** in 180 days.

Can I go to Belgium to study with ETIAS?

The ETIAS tourism authorization is given to travelers from Schengen visa-exempt countries that want to enter the Schengen Area with the purpose of visiting for tourism or business. If you’re going to go to Belgium or other Schengen states to study, you must request a long term visa from the country you plan on going to study at.

Can I speed up my ETIAS application?

The ETIAS application process is very straightforward and fast to submit, but you can request a quicker processing speed through the Aid-Air website.

The processing speeds Aid-Air has for you are:

  • Standard processing: Submit your form and receive your ETIAS results in 24 hours.
  • Rush processing: A faster solution, where you can get your ETIAS results within 4 hours of submitting your form.
  • Super rush processing: chose the fastest processing speed Aid-Air offers to receive your ETIAS in no more than 30 minutes.

What is the ETIAS application process for citizens of Ukraine?

The online application process for the Belgium ETIAS for Ukraine citizens and other travelers is very simple. You only need to follow three easy steps to get the form submitted to ETIAS with Aid-Air:

  • Fill out the online questionnaire with your details, and pick the processing speed you want for your application.
  • Next step is to double-check that the details given above are valid and proceed to make the fee payment.
  • The last part requires you to answer a poll. This is where we may ask you for some documents required for the ETIAS system check.

Once complete, you can submit your application. You have finished with the form. Now you only have to wait for the results to arrive on your inbox.

Is Aid-Air a secure platform?

There are many reasons why, as users, we might mistrust an online platform or service. To fight this outcome and prove our quality of service, every character of the personal information you provide for your ETIAS application is stored in our secure databases. Our databases work with the most reliable security systems to ensure they’re safe from any digital threat.

You can see how reliable our services are by reading our customers’ reviews here.

Who can help me solve other ETIAS questions?

If you still have any questions regarding the ETIAS for any nationality, we are available and ready to help you solve your doubts. We ask that you send us a chat with your question. If you want to review the general aspects of ETIAS, you can visit the Aid-Air website.