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Belgium ETIAS for Citizens of Hong Kong
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Flying from Asia to Europe can be quite the change of scenery when you’re looking for a vacation destination that fits your preferences. That’s the beauty of Belgium for citizens of Hong Kong, finding the city that matches their requests. Between small towns and the big business city, you can find the best beaches, nature reserves, beautiful cathedrals, gothic architecture. Although Hong Kong has a lot to offer in terms of Asian cuisine, nature, and development, there are still enough old-style buildings and a combination of flavors that will captivate visitors during more than one to visit Belgium.

All of these tourist sights one can enjoy is possible because Hong Kong is part of the Schengen visa-exempt program. And yet, with time often things change, and so does this “express pass”. Citizens from Hong Kong will soon be required to apply for an online ETIAS document to continue their smooth travels to the Schengen Area.

But not to worry, it’s an easy process that will improve your safety in Schengen, and you can always contact Aid-Air if you have concerns about ETIAS.
In the section below, you’ll find FAQs with the most critical information you need to know about the ETIAS and how citizens of Hong Kong can apply for one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ETIAS needed for citizens of Hong Kong?

An ETIAS is needed for any citizen coming from Schengen visa-exempt countries to visit the Schengen states. It’s a new requirement to ensure the foreigner is not a threat to the local citizens or other travelers.

How many EU countries can I visit with ETIAS?

The ETIAS travel authorization document was put together by the Schengen states to be applied for themselves. Therefore, with an ETIAS, you are only allowed to visit the Schengen countries, those that are or not part of the EU. If you want to visit any other EU country, you need to apply for a travel visa of that country.

Do I need to go to the embassy to apply for ETIAS?

For an ETIAS, there is no need to visit an embassy. The application is made virtually, and the results are received on your email inbox, so it all remains online. The application process is straightforward and only requires you to fill out an online application form.

What is the Belgium ETIAS validity for citizens of Hong Kong?

An ETIAS document authorizes the holder to visit any of the Schengen countries for tourism or business reasons, and on a short stay basis. It’s also valid to use for the duration of your trip or a maximum of 3 years with the option of multiple entries to any of the ETIAS state members.

Can citizens of Hong Kong stay in Belgium for 100 days with ETIAS?

Having an ETIAS authorization document allows you to visit any of the Schengen states for a short stay, which means no more than 90 days. These can be consecutive 90 days or spread out, but they can’t be in a more extended period than 180 days.

How fast can I get an ETIAS?

The fastest way to obtain an ETIAS is through the Aid-Air services. Their application process is very simple and easy to complete, and additionally, they offer three-speed options for the delivery of ETIAS results after the application form is submitted.

The options are:

  • Standard processing: once the online form is filled and submitted you will receive your results in 24 hours.
  • Rush processing: after your form is filled and send to analysis, you’ll get your ETIAS results in 4 hours.
  • Super rush processing: the fastest processing option means that once you complete the form and submit it, you will receive your ETIAS results within 30 minutes.

How can I apply for an ETIAS?

To continue with your easy Aid-Air online application for ETIAS, you only need to follow three steps:

  • Step 1: Fill out your personal data, and chose the processing speed you want.
  • Step 2: Check that your info on the first step is correct, and pay the fee.
  • Step 3: Answer the entire online poll. It will ask for some documents based on ETIAS requests.

After this, you must click SUBMIT, and you’re done. The next step only requires you to wait for the ETIAS results to come in.

If, during the application process, you have any problems, you can reach out to the Aid-Air user support service 24/7.

Is Aid-Air trustworthy?

The Aid-Air platform and service providers want to ensure that your information remains secure and confidential for your safety. We use the best and most reliable security system to keep our databases, and your personal data safe from any digital threat.

If you’re still not sure, see what our clients have said about our services.

Where can I find more info on ETIAS?

Going through so much information can be overwhelming and confusing, even leading to more questions. We understand this and want to give you our support to solve these doubts. Drop us a chat to resolve any issues, or visit the Aid-Air’s website to find more info.