Bangladesh Tourist Visa for Citizens of Nicaragua

Find the guide and instructions for getting the visa before your flight

Nicaraguan people can now start the process of applying for a visa to fly to Bangladesh online with ease and convenience. Make sure you have your passport as well as any other documentation you may need for travel. When you are ready, simply start the application form process online. You’ll then receive a confirmation as well as a guide on the next steps you need to take to ensure your visa will be processed correctly.

This visa is only valid for tourism. Foreign citizens are not allowed to conduct business while in Bangladesh with this visa.

Bangladesh Tourist Visa | Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I enter Bangladesh with this visa?

There are three types of entry amounts for the Bangladesh visa. You choose one, and it will determine how many times you can enter Bangladesh with a tourist visa.

All visa application forms are for the 60-day tourist visa.

  • Single Entry Visa gives you Single Entry.
  • Double Entry Visa gives you Double Entry.
  • Multiple Entry Visa gives you Multiple Entry.

What is the maximum amount of time I can stay in Bangladesh with a tourist visa?

  • For a single-entry visa, the maximum stay in Bangladesh is 30 days in Total.
  • For a double-entry visa, the maximum stay in Bangladesh is 30 days in Total.
  • For a multiple-entry visa, the maximum stay in Bangladesh is 30 days in Total.

What is the processing time of a tourist visa for Bangladesh?

Processing time for the Bangladesh Tourist Visa Application Form depends on your entry needs and how fast you need the application processed.

All application forms are for a 60-day visa.

Processing SpeedSingle-EntryDouble-EntryMultiple-Entry
Standard9 days9 days9 days
Rush7 days7 days7 days
Super Rush5 days5 days5 days

What is the service fee for a Bangladesh tourist visa application form?

Any associated service fees for processing your application form will depend upon which processing speed you select for the 60-day tourist visa form.

Processing SpeedSingle-EntryDouble-EntryMultiple-Entry
StandardUSD 25.00USD 25.00USD 25.00
RushUSD 45.00USD 45.00USD 45.00
Super RushUSD 80.00USD 80.00USD 80.00

When will my Bangladesh visa expire?

The expiration date of your Bangladesh tourist visa will be as follows:

  • Single Entry Visa: 60 days after issued
  • Double Entry Visa: 60 days after issued
  • Multiple Entry Visa: 60 days after issued

Bangladesh Tourist Visa Basics

The Bangladesh Tourist Visa is a Single Entry or Multiple Entry visa that allows the holder a maximum stay per visit of up to 60 days.

The Bangladesh Visa Application Form is the first step in getting a Bangladesh Visa before submitting your documents at the designated Bangladesh Visa Application Center.

Does filling out the electronic application form guarantee I will get a visa?

Bangladesh‘s government has the final say as to whether your visas are approved and accepted for your trip.

What is the status of my e-Visa?

To check your visa status, please use our free Visa Checker Tool. It’s in the top-right corner of this page. Select your nation of origin and choose Bangladesh as your destination. The application shows you whether or not you need a visa in moments.

What documents do I need to apply for a Bangladesh visa?

You will need the following to fill out your visa application form:

  • A scanned passport-quality photo
  • A credit/debit card or PayPal account to pay the associated fees for your visa securely online
  • A valid passport with a minimum of 6 months of validity and 2 blank pages for stamping

Citizens of Nicaragua – Start the Visa Application Process for Bangladesh

You can begin the visa application form from wherever you have an internet connection and smart device. It doesn’t have to be a difficult process to visit Bangladesh as a foreign national. We have helped thousands of tourists like you travel with ease.

Safe travels. If you have more questions, click on the chat bubble to get started.

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