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Angola Visa Processing Time
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In March 2018, Angola became one of the many countries that adopted the electronic visa system. As a result, the citizens of 59 eligible countries can obtain an Angola e-Visa, which acts as a pre-approval that allows you to obtain a visa on arrival as soon as you get to Angola. Aid-Air cannot help you with that, but we do offer our services so that you can obtain the Angola e-Visa.

Aid-Air offers three different processing times to suit your needs. When you go through the online application process, in the first part of the form, you will be asked to make a choice of processing speed for your application. There are three options to pick from so that you can opt for the one that best serves your needs. Here are your choices:

  • Standard processing – your Angola e-Visa will be ready within 6 Business Days
  • Rush processing – you will receive your travel document in just 4 Business Days
  • Super Rush processing – your application will be processed within just 2 Business Days

Now, you must remember that the processing speed not only determines the timeframe in which your Angola e-Visa is ready, but the cost as well. As you can imagine, the sooner you expect your e-Visa to arrive, the more you are going to have to pay for it. The prices for each option are listed below:

  • Standard – USD 30.00
  • Rush – USD 60.00
  • Super Rush – USD 90.00

As soon as you arrive in Angola, you must go to the visa on arrival counter and present your Angola e-Visa. You are required to pay a fee of $120 to receive your actual visa on arrival. There may be a lineup at the counter, so you should be prepared to wait a while.

Now that you know all about the Angola visa processing time, you are able to make an informed decision. However, we recommend that you take into account that delays sometimes happen. It is not a common occurrence, and when it happens, it is through no fault of Aid-Air’s, but you should give yourself a margin of error of a few days, if possible. That way, your plans will not be affected.