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Affordable Belgium ETIAS Cost
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Being part of the Schengen region, allows all of its members to travel freely without border restrictions. And yet, there are other 62 nations which are not part of the European Union, or the Schengen Area, whose citizens also enjoy this flexibility too.

It’s a great privilege, being able to hop on a train or plane and travel to Belgium and other Schengen countries whenever you like. Arriving at these destinations is always good for travelers to recharge on positive energy, relax from their daily routine, and discover new cultures.

The only condition foreigners from Schengen visa-exempt countries face is that their travel purpose can be no other than business, tourism, medical reasons, or transit. Their stay duration is also limited to no more than 90 days within 180 days.

With the increase of visitors arriving in Belgium, or departing from it, travelers must now verify if the host country is requesting a Health Declaration Form from them or not. If so, it’s a document that must be ready before the trip to ensure you don’t experience any inconvenience during your travels.

Perhaps the leaders of the Schengen zone realized that so much freedom can be harmful to the countries and that’s why they created the Belgium ETIAS. The ETIAS will work similarly to the US ESTA, to reduce illegal immigration, and mitigate security threats from outside the region.

In this article are the most important and relevant FAQs related to the Belgium ETIAS costs and how to apply for it with Aid-Air.


What is the Belgium ETIAS?

ETIAS is a digital travel permit that allows those who are nationals of Schengen visa-exempt countries to visit any of the Schengen Area states. It’s a prerequisite to arrive at any of these states and stay for a short time of no more than 90 days. Its primary purpose is to function as a pre-screening document to increase security and reduce terrorism in the Schengen zone.

What is the Belgium ETIAS application process?

The ETIAS application process is straightforward, is done online, and only requires you to follow three simple steps.

1.The first step is to fill out the ETIAS application form. You need to include basic information from your biometric passport, which is: first name, last name, date of birth, place of birth, and maybe even maiden name.
Additionally, you will need to give information about your education, work experience, medical history, and criminal record. Part of this pre-screening process requires you to have an idea of your travel itinerary, and mention which is the first Schengen country you’ll be visiting.

2.Your following step is to revise that the details included in the first step are correctly typed and have no mistakes. Your data will be processed through many international immigration databases to verify the validity of it. You also have to make the online payment of the processing fee.

3.After submitting your form, the last step is to wait for the results. Your application will be approved if the ETIAS system does not register you as a security threat, and have been able to validate all your information.

For how long is the ETIAS valid?

The Belgium ETIAS can last up to a total of 3 years or only the minimum time of the duration of your trip. The final validity will be determined by the ETIAS system after processing your application. This time could also be shorter if the document used for the ETIAS application expires before you set off, making the ETIAS automatically invalid. The traveler information determines the final validity time during the evaluation period.

Which documents do I need for the application process?

Being an easy process, the Belgium ETIAS application form only requires a valid and biometric passport from the traveler, an email address, and a digital form of payment.

But there are a few considerations you must have during application with your passport:

  • You may need a clear digital photo to upload.
  • The passport must be machine-readable. This refers to the lines directly below the passport photo.
  • Passports should have an electronic chip, although this is not a necessity.

Do children have to pay for ETIAS?

All citizens from countries that are on the Schengen visa-free entry list must have an ETIAS to travel to the Schengen Area and stay for a short basis of 90 days. The ETIAS fee payment is only exempt for travelers under the age of 18 and over the age of 70.

How much does the ETIAS cost?

The ETIAS will not be a financial burden and will be as accessible as the online application is. Once available, the application process and final travel authorization will have a price of €7 each time you apply. The virtual payment can be easily made with a credit or debit card.

What if my application is denied?

There is always the possibility that our attention to detail fails, and we miss a typing error, or that we don’t update information about our current living status. Those and other details can be spotted by the application system and send you a notification about a denied ETIAS process, and the reason for rejection.
With these results, you can appeal the evaluation results or modify the information that was rejected before applying again.

Is it safe to make my ETIAS payment on Aid-Air?

There are many doubts to have on digital platforms when it comes to payments and holding of your personal details. In Aid-Air, our customer data is extensively secure.

We make use of the most reliable and safe security software on our website and our databases to protect the information within. Your details will be very safe from identity thieves. There will be no risk of losing your info when applying for your ETIAS with Aid-Air.

Review what customers have commented about our services here.

I still have questions on ETIAS, who can I ask?

We hope that you have found the previously mentioned FAQs useful in regards to ETIAS. It’s also understandable that you may have other questions. To address these, you can visit the Aid-Air Website for more information about the ETIAS, or send us an email for assistance.