10-year China Visa for Uk Citizens

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10-year China Visa for Uk Citizens
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Provide application details and upload documents, pay visa fees, submit your online application.

If you are a UK citizen and you plan on going to China a few times per year, for the next few years, then you may be interested in a 10-year China visa. You may be needing it for work, or maybe you have family there, and you would like to visit them frequently. Whatever the reason, a 10-year visa will come in handy. That means you do not have to apply for a new visa every couple of months. As a result, your life will be more comfortable.

How do you get it?

You could go to the Chinese embassy and apply for a 10-year visa, but there is a more convenient way. You can get it online using the services provided by Aid-Air, a company that expedites visas. That way you do not have to go to the consulate, you can apply anytime and from anywhere, and the visa will arrive in the shortest amount of time possible. All you have to do is access Aid-Air’s website and fill in the application form.

Before handling the application, you should make sure that your passport is valid and remains valid for at least the period of time in which you are in China. You cannot request a 10-year visa if your passport expires in a few months, now can you? There are other required documents, but the passport is crucial.

The application itself is quite easy to understand, but if you meet any obstacles, Aid-Air has an excellent support service that will take your call 24/7. They will sort out the things for you in no time. At first, you will be required to give your personal information such as name, address, passport information, and much more. However, that is easy to do since all you have to do is fill in the blanks. After that, you need to select the processing time of your application.

The selection you make, as far as the processing time is concerned, will determine two things: the price of your visa and the timeframe in which your visa will arrive. You have three options, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Standard processing is the most commonly used because it is the cheapest. The timeframe within which your document arrives is not extended, but it is the most extended from the three. The Super Rush processing time, on the other hand, is the fastest way to get your 10-year China visa. However, as you may expect, it is the most expensive. Urgency will always cost more. Rush processing is somewhere between the other two processing times. It is not as slow as the Standard, but you will not be getting your visa as fast as with the Super Rush.

As for the payment, you will be required to make it before submitting the application. You can pay using a credit/debit card or a Paypal account, whichever you deem fit. You will receive your visa in the timeframe of your choosing, and you can enjoy a stress-free trip. Delays can occur sometimes, but if and when that happens, you will be notified via email.
As you can see, getting a 10-year China visa for UK citizens is more than simple. Aid-Air provides fast and efficient services, and to be honest, the prices are not too high either. All things considered, Aid-Air is the best alternative to going to the Chinese embassy.