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Aid-Air is the world's specialist in air passenger transport and information technology.

Since our inception as a startup in 2018, Aid-Air has become an air passenger rights advocate around the world. We have helped thousands of passengers obtain entry clearances to different countries and ensure a safe trip when registered at their country’s embassies.

We launch for travelers already in the organization of luggage, helping them document your belongings and set a value for your belongings. With the help of our biometric identity verification, travelers travel greener and without physical documents.

Our premium partners take care of providing various attractions, special accommodation solutions, and fun transportation around the world.

We file a simple compensation claim for all passengers who are unsure of their rights, lack time, or lack the expertise to go out on their own in the claims process. We are constantly investing in data and state-of-the-art technology to drive our easy-to-use website and make our customers’ claims even smoother.

We speak 4 languages, and the team includes the team of attorneys who specialize in air passenger rights. Combined with local knowledge from a network of law firms across 30 countries, we are uniquely positioned to assist air travelers around the world.

Introducing: Denis Rom, Aid-Air Founder and CEO

Denis is a serial entrepreneur, strategy consultant, lawyer, and founder and CEO of Aid-Air.

As an avid passenger himself, Denis founded AId-Air following a horrific experience on a disrupted flight. Its purpose was to make it as easy as possible for other air passengers to exercise their legal rights, from the stage of entry into the country until after a safe and timely landing with all personal belongings.

Today, Denis is an influential figure in both the travel industry and the technology industries. It is still working tirelessly to raise public awareness of the rights of air passengers. And he’s still traveling – he’s a basketball fan and a die-hard reading enthusiast.

We've achieved a lot since we started at 2018

2 Million Passengers Helped

Over 2 years we've explained to air passenger to 2 million travelers and helped them luggage, visas, and claims.

Convenience is Service

In the past, passengers could not afford to feel comfortable at border crossings, especially not to take large airlines to court. Today, comfort is the norm.

91% of the World

of all international destinations covered by our extensive services

Legal Landmarks

We've fought to make the laws fairer and clearer. Now everyone benefits from those rulings.

6 Languages

We started in English, but now we explain and help you with Hebrew, Spanish and French

Artificial intelligence

A learning system alongside the passengers. She is constantly improving herself and making sure you get exactly what you want

We're Hiring!

We're looking for dedicated, creative people to help us make Aid-Air even better. Is that you?

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