Move Freely

Guide your customers safely from A to B by providing the information they need and documentation they require.

Builds Your Comfort

Your time and comfort are important to us. We will detail the entire route that awaits you, from the documents before the flight, to the transfer back to the airport.

Trip planning
Together with them we adjust the flight times that suit your plans. Custom travel plans only.
Issue Docs
Provide travel rules by destination and provide a seamless way to submit required eVisa and eTA forms.
Notify of potential trip disruptions due to changes in travel rules and enable more online check-in opportunities.

Our products

eVisa and eTA

Issuing visas is an integral part of building your itinerary.

Passport Renewal

Every period we check the expiration dates of the passports and make sure to renew it before your next flight.

Aid-Air provides visa services for the following passports

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